Rosarium Philosophorum (‘The Rosary of the Philosophers’)

1578, Jaroš Griemiller of Třebsko

POSTED BY: 5T1V Sept 3 2017

In 1578, Jaroš Griemiller of Třebsko completed an illustrated manuscriptcontaining the first translation into Czech of an alchemical text known as the Rosarium Philosophorum (‘The Rosary of the Philosophers’). This document is the sole known record of Griemiller’s life, although a Pavel Griemiller (d. 1593, also ‘of Třebsko,’ and presumably a close relative of Jaroš) is known to have been a practising alchemist, who meanwhile held an official position as a county assayer. The manuscript was dedicated to Vilém z Rožmberka (or, Wilhelm von Rosenberg: 1535-1592), a nobleman & diplomat who was also a ‘great benefactor of alchemical research.’ The unusually high quality of the illustrations in the manuscript suggest that either Griemiller was an accomplished artist, or else that he was assisted by a painter employed in the Rožmberk court.