The Arabian, the Chaldeanum, Assyriorum kings and Weysen


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by Trismosin, Salomon ; Paracelsus, 1493-1541 ; Korndorffer, Bartholomaeus


Publication date 1708, Publisher Hamburg: Bey Christian Liebezeit in der St. Joh

Collection gettyalchemy ; getty.


Includes works by Trismosin, Paracelsus, Korndorffer, and numerous other authors, gathered into 5 Tractatus. Those after the 1st have separate tp's 

Main tp printed in red and black 

Includes engraved port. Of Philip Theophrastus and symbolic etchings Illustrating the mirror of Philosophey and Trismosin's Splendor solis. 

There are so ill woodcut, tailpieces and decorated capitals. 

Binding: old vellum over pasteboard