“Of the Devil’s Party” — The Art of Barry William Hale

by 5T1V on April 21, 2015

“Of the Devil’s Party” the art of Barry William Hale

My work is a synthesis of Art and Magick, and the residue of my esoteric endeavours. It is essential for me to forge a magical link to the metaphysical subject matter.

There is great power in the things people are afraid of. The Devil is the name some new regime gives to the God[s] of those whom they oppress. 

These repressed forces become the locus of forbidden power imprisoned by the walls of taboo.

For me, these Crowned Anarchies become the agencies of liberation. 

My work is Gnostic in the sense that it gives primacy to direct experience with the divine. In the spirit of the Rebellious Promethean spark of the Luciferian fire.

“Better to reign in hell than serve in heav’n”
– Paradise Lost — John Milton


Barry William Hale is a Sydney based artist whose work over the past 20 years has included painting, drawing, installation, video, sound and performance.

A feature of the Adelaide Biennale and Sydney Biennale, he is considered one of the key exponents of outsider and esoteric art in the region, specifically

creating work which responds to concepts of western spirituality, philosophy and ritual. His writing and artwork have been published internationally across

a range of academic and cultural publications, and his artwork was a central component of the national touring exhibition: Windows to the Sacred