The Ripley Scroll - one of the largest of all alchemical drawings.


by 5T1V, UPDATED August 3 2016.
he Ripley scroll is a truly beautiful alchemical manuscript, attributed to George Ripley (c. 1415 – 1490), Canon Regular of the priory at Bridlington in Yorkshire, England.
 It is certainly one of the largest of all alchemical drawings, with some copies measuring over 5.5 meters in length and 50 cm across.


One roll with multiple illustrated sheets.

Paper rotulus consisting originally of thirteen folio sheets and half-sheets of differing lengths glued together, averaging 540 mm. in width 
(lateral margins and broad bordering 
line in black ink partly trimmed away), slightly defective with small losses at beginning and end; now cut into thirteen sections measuring about 435 x 540 each, 
except for the last which measures 625 x 540.

Manuscript on paper roll of George Ripley (?), Alchemy, in English verse, with additional verses attributed to Richard Carpenter. 
With Arnold of Villanova, Visio mystica, anonymously translated into English.