Stephen Romano Gallery

Brooklyn NY

March 3 - May 1

More than a Mortal Man: The Bowie that Inspired Art

Robin Scher, March 24, 2016


An Exhibition to Mark the Canonization of Saint Bowie

by Christine Colby on March 10, 2016


Matt Nolen "Starman Altar" 2016

Linnea Strid "Sunken Dream" 2016 ink on candle edition of 1




Craig LaRotonda "Major Tom's All Time Low"


Barry William Hale "Blackstar" 2016

Lizz Lopez "Bowie Ouija Board" 2016

Caitlin McCormack "Here Am I, Flashing No Color" detail 2016



Linnea Strid "Sunken Dream" ink transfer on wax candle 2016


Colin Christian "Ziggy Played" 2016


Dolorosa De La Cruz "Now I Leave Them All In The Never Never Land", 2016


Donnie Green "The Goon Squad" 2015



Ellen Stagg "Bowie Spirit Photo" 2016

Erin O'Shea "He Fell On Diamond Days" 2016



David Van Gough "Starcophagus" 2016




Chris Haas ""Lil' Major Tomcat"" 2016


Inge Vandormael "Lazarus" detail 2016


Kim Bo Yung "Metamorphe Ascension" 2016



Lauren Levato Coyne "Ghost Mother" 2016



Alexis Murray "The Queen of Life and Death" 2016


Rene Pierre Allain “Tablet (Gray) with B1 Device” 2016



Lori Field “Heathen” 2016



Natan Alexander “Everybody Knows Me Now” 2016




Buddy Nestor "We Are All Made of Stars" 2016



Nyahzul C Blanco "Starman" 2016


Nyugen Smith "Altar V.3" 2016



Rory Coyne "Rebis" Oil on Linen 2016



Sas Chrsitian "Tribute" 2016

Dion Fortune "Psychic Self-Defense" c. 1970 vintage dust cover jacket.


Tine Kindermann "Haitian Style Voodoo Bowie Floating In A Tin Can" 2016



Travis Lawrence - "Lazarus" 2016